About E Cigs

Talking About The E Cig Revolution

The E Cig revolution is upon us as a proliferation of brands and flavors have hit the market over the past several years. An e cigarette is simply a hollow, metal tube that atomizes a liquid inside into a vapor that is inhaled, simulating the smoking experience.

What has evolved is a variety of different flavorings ranging from fruity to mint and menthol, to variances of levels of actual nicotine. This has given rise to using e-cigs as a means of quitting regular cigarettes by tapering down the levels of the nicotine over a period of time, until the nicotine level is zero.

It is so difficult to quit regular cigarettes, that people for years have resorted to nicotine gum and patches in order to get off of cigarettes. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances found anywhere. Add to that all of the little habits we form with our light-up routines and times that we like to smoke, all those little things are hard to give up.

It looks as though the e cig is here to stay, even with the threats of governing bodies wanting to tax the product. The new way to “smoke” is getting a lot of traction, and will more than likely continue to become more popular.